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I'm wondering how, in JCAPS 6, we can create new eWays. By eWay, I mean the components like the existing HL7, JMS, File, eMails (ie, external applications) ... I am not sure about the exact name of these entites, "API oriented OTD", JBI, JCA.

Basically, I would like to create an object that: - is part of the Connectivity Map - has properties (which can be overwritten in Glassfish) - can cooperate dynamically with my Collaborations (JCDs)

Does anyone know how to create such objects?

Thanks, Kevin

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the solution is the eWay Developement Kit (eDK). You can find the documentation here; and you should be able to find a file named "eWayDevelopmentKit.sar" in your adapters_ml\adapters JCAPS folder. Then unzip edk.zip, start runEDK.bat (adjust env.bat if necessary), and that's it !

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Thanks for documenting this! –  javamonkey79 Dec 10 '10 at 2:06

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