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I am very new to XAML and WPF.I have a problem.

I have two files. first.xaml and second.Xaml. There is a button in first.xaml, on click of which it should navigate to second.xaml.How do i achieve this.

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This is one way of organising the code:

Your second.xaml should contain your window definiton e.g.:

<Window x:Class="MediaCheckerWPF.AboutBox"
    Title="About Media Checker" Height="300" Width="400" ResizeMode="NoResize"

Your first.xaml has the button e.g.:

<Button Height="23" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Name="aboutButton"
 VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="23" Click="AboutButton_Click"
 Content="{DynamicResource TInformationButton}"
 ToolTip="{DynamicResource TInformationButtonTooltip}" Margin="0,0,8,0"/>

Then in the code behind:

private void AboutButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    var about = new AboutBox { Owner = this };
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ChrisF's answer is a good way of popping up a new window in a Windows-style application, except you should not call Initialize that way (it should be called from the constructor).

If you want web-style navigation instead, you should use the Page class instead of Window, along with NavigationService. This also allows your WPF application to run inside an actual web browser.

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