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Is there a way to urlencode except directory seperators / in the path ?


urlencode('/this/is/my/file right here.jpg');
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You can use

So all together in one line:

$path = implode('/', array_map('rawurlencode', explode('/', $path)));
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This would be the most conceptually correct way of doing it, though in practice the str_replace would be simpler. Either way +1 for rawurlencode; it is always the right thing, whereas urlencode is sometimes the wrong thing. –  bobince May 14 '10 at 14:05

Replace them again:

str_replace('%2F', '/', urlencode('/this/is/my/file right here.jpg'));

Note that if you are going to pass the result in a query string, you should not do the replacement above -- use only urlencode. If you are using it in the path portion, you ought to use rawurlencode instead.

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This one sounds nice too. It must be much faster than the selected answer I guess. –  Mangirdas Skripka Jan 11 at 20:27
This covers 99% of cases. The 1% are the paths in which 2%F is not intended to be converted but an actual part of the path string. –  Tyblitz Apr 27 at 20:36

This should solve your problem.

str_replace("%2F","/",urlencode('/this/is/my/file right here.jpg'));
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$array = explode('/', '/this/is/my/file right here.jpg');
foreach ($array as &$value) {
        $value = urlencode($value);
print implode('/', $array);
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