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   $text = 'standard';
    if(valid::standard_text($text) == true){
        echo "Valid standard text";
        echo "Invalid standard text";

It is pretty strange the above should return "Valid standard text", though it is returning the opposite - though on the clients server it works fine. I am kinda leaning towards the idea that I am missing some extension. though it is strange. Is there are any special extension that is required?

I dug down, a little and it seems that under kohana

$text = 'standard';
$test =  (bool) preg_match('/^[\pL\pN\pZ\p{Pc}\p{Pd}\p{Po}]++$/uD', (string) $text);

returning false, though on the localhost on the clean php script it is evaluated as true so what might cause it?

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What are the PHP versions on your localhost and on your client's server? –  dusan May 14 '10 at 16:10
I have not checked yet, tough Now I know it is definitely because of the server? I am using another server for now, tough have reported to support and will post back what was the reason of this strange thing when I get response from the support –  simple May 15 '10 at 5:26

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