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I have a wx.lib.calendar.Calendar control (not wx.lib.calendar.CalendarCtrl!). I am selecting a number of days using the following function call:

self.cal.AddSelect([days], 'green', 'white')

This works, and draws the days highlighted. However, I cannot work out how to reverse this (i.e., clear the selection so the days go back to their normal colouring).

Any hints, please?

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Couldn't you just do it manually?

self.cal.AddSelect([days], 'black', 'white')
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Yes, that is what I've resorted to. However, as I no longer have the original days available when I'm trying to reset I pass a list of every day in the current month. It works, but I was hoping there'd be a 'proper' way. Thanks. –  Joseph May 17 '10 at 8:55

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