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I create my trac enviromnets using a sqlite database, it works very well.

Now i want to get some information directly from the database and i'm using C# to do it using System.Data.SQLite. The problem i have is an error in the designer cause the tables don't have primary keys.

After get this error i went and noticed that all tables that have more than one primary key defined in the schema were not 'converted' to sqlite, that information is lost.

I believe the problem is in but python isn't my speciality and i'm in a hurry so if you can guide me to a quick fix. thank you.

UPDATE (litle more detail):


"Support for the ADO.NET 3.5 Entity Framework Supports nearly all the entity framework functionality that Sql Server supports, and passes 99% of the tests in MS's EFQuerySamples demo application."

Visual Studio 2005/2008 Design-Time Support You can add a SQLite connection to the Server Explorer, create queries with the query designer, drag-and-drop tables onto a Typed DataSet and more!

When i drag the tables to the designer, some tables don't make it to the designer. The reasos is,

"The table/view 'main.attachment' does not have a primary key defined and no valid primary key could be inferred. This table/view has been excluded. To use the entity, you will need to review your schema, add the correct keys, and uncomment it."

The problem is this, no entitys = no data.

UPDATE (more info):

My objective isn't change datamodel.

In trac schema the tables attachment, *auth_cookie*, enum, *node_change*, permission, session, *session_attribute*, *ticket_change*, *ticket_custom* are defined with primary keys.

When i browse the file trac.db (default) the tables aren't defined with the primary_keys specified in the schema.

I want a solution to solve this litle feature of trac sqlite db. I don't think it's the best solution edit the table after creation to add pk that aren't created.


Any ideia?!

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I think you need to describe what you are doing in a bit more detail... I don't understand your goal. – retracile May 14 '10 at 17:42
I'm not familiar with this "designer", but it sounds like it can't support tables without primary keys. What "data" do you need to get from the database? Can you get it without this designer? – J. Polfer May 14 '10 at 19:28
The designer is the one from visual studio that generate code to the entity objects – fampinheiro May 15 '10 at 10:58
The data i want to get its all the wiki pages and the content (not only but this is the one giving me problems). Without the designer is too much work and i dont know how to do it :S – fampinheiro May 15 '10 at 11:19
Are you trying to run a query? Lots of people on here can help with query writing... – J. Polfer May 15 '10 at 19:50

You may want to look at the Trac Database API. It's written in Python, but you could probably rewrite it in C# fairly easily. At the very least it'll give you a starting point for finding your solution.

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