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I'm looking at the nhibernate interceptor. It seems to be able to intercept save, update and delete queries but is there anyway I can intercept a select query.

The problem I have is that I automatically want to append some additional sql filters to the executing sql statement in certain cases.

Any thoughts

Thanks Mat

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The interceptor framework only allows you to intercept entity operations like save, update, and delete. Queries themselves aren't intercepted, only entity operations (and selecting/viewing doesn't count).

Consider using some sort of inheritance for a set of query classes that append to your ICriteria to suit your purposes.

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I think you can accomplish that with a custom NHibernate persister; however, I'm having trouble finding examples on how you'd write one...

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You can use the where attribute on the class tag:

<class name="MyClass" where="deleted=0">
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That's useful to know, the only problem is these where clauses are dynamic.. –  mat-mcloughlin Nov 5 '10 at 12:18
@mjmcloug: True. I actually opted not to put this kind of logic in the mapping, and I put it in a SoftDeletableRepository which offers extra functionality over Repository: SoftDelete, DeletedEntities and Entities (there was already an AllEntities on the Repository class). The derived repository handles anything that implements ISoftDeletable. –  Scott Whitlock Nov 5 '10 at 16:38

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