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We just shifted from VB to C# and I am having some troubles..!

Why can't I create a private static const void??

why is it not working?

 private static const void MyVoid(void void)
      this.void void = new void(void + void);
      return this.void;
   catch (void)
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Not my question sir, just edited it :) – Robert Gould Nov 12 '08 at 11:21
What are you trying to do? – Jim G. May 12 '10 at 2:23

C# doesn't let you declare a method to be const whatever its return type is, so your method declaration is incorrect.

You can't catch void either - you can only catch exception types.

Ditto void parameters etc.

Why do you think you need this?

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void is the return type of "there is no return type". It is not a type in itself (as in int, bool etc.), but rather specifies it returns nothing.

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it's because void is actually nothingness :) If you want to send nothing to methods. Do it MyVoid()

The same is for other lines in your method

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void is a reserved keyword for "return nothing"

here is the list of all reserved keywords

think of Void like a Sub for C#

In C# we only have methods - which return something (VB Functions) or return nothing ie void (VB Sub)

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