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I have currently setup a basic membership system in ASP.NET and have used the

<asp:PasswordRecovery ID="PasswordRecovery1" Runat="server"></asp:PasswordRecovery>

To deal with the password recovery, Which Works great but how would one customise the e-mail such as changing the"Subject" and the actual body content of the e-mail ?

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Implement the OnSendingMail event for the passwordrecovery control.

the parameter (MailMessageEventArgs e) is the MailMessage object and you can update the subject/body etc fields before the message is actually sent.

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+1 good answer. – Sky Sanders May 14 '10 at 23:26

You can edit the MailDefinition settings.

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how to change the email content? – Ali.Rashidi Jun 12 at 7:19

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