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I have a scenario where I am going to be creating a large number of models that use STI and I'm wondering what the best way to organize this is. I already have other models using STI and I really do not want to add any more files to my models folder. Is there any way to create a folder and add the models using STI there (there could be upwards of 40 b/c each uses its own methods to scrape a different site, but they all save the same data)? This seems like it would be best, or I could add them all to one file but I would rather separate them.

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Adding a new directory is fine. Make sure you add it to the load paths in environment.rb, though.

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Thanks, it looks like this was already answered here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1445341/… –  DavidP6 May 14 '10 at 16:06

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