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since fews days Mysql server on Windows does not success on closing itself. In the mysql error log I find multiple instance of these lines:

InnoDB: Operating system error number 32 in a file operation. InnoDB: The error means that another program is using InnoDB's files. InnoDB: This might be a backup or antivirus software or another instance InnoDB: of MySQL. Please close it to get rid of this error.

I have plenty of free space, the server is installed for months, the version is 5.1.22-rc-community-log on Windows XP SP3, and I have used only one Windows account to create and execute Mysql service.

Thanks Cedric

edit : you are both rigth, and ProcessExplorer help me to find another Mysql service with a special name. I kill it and all run fine. Thanks a lot!

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If the file is in use by another program then Process Explorer could help you track down which one has it open. I assume you've checked you only have one copy of MySQL running.

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Let's just repeat I assume you've checked you only have one copy of MySQL running. since I can't be the only dummy out there... ;) –  Steve Apr 18 '13 at 3:44

Sounds like a conflict. Make sure to stop the mysqld service and then double-check if it's really not running anymore, then restart the service. Also, when it's back up, make sure to run checks on your tables and see if there is any damage.

My assumption is based on the operating system error codes in the MySQL docs.

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It could be caused by Antivirus software scanning –  Ben Jul 28 '14 at 0:42

You can follow these steps:

  1. Open TaskManager
  2. Kill the mysqld.exe process.
  3. cd E:\apps\db\mysql-5.5.25-win32\bin
  4. Run: mysqld --install MySQL
  5. Run: mysqladmin -u root start
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