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I just downloaded the Bing API 2.0 SDK. There are several html files in Bing API 2.0 SDK\Samples\JSON directory. I replaced the AppId in the JavaScript with my new AppId. These pages run fine in IE but I got 'syntax error' in Firefox, Firebug console. Does anyone have similar issues? What is in the page that is causing the 'syntax error'? Thank you very much. Jazure

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Firebug will pinpoint the line of code causing the syntax error. double-click on the report. –  Cheeso May 14 '10 at 19:20

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The culprit is the empty script src.

<script id="searchCallback" type="text/javascript" src="">

I fixed the sample code and is now working with most browsers as seen in http://www.pcrethinking.com/bingapi/

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