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I have an included javascript file thats initializes an empty array object called "widgets"

var Widgets = {};

function Widget(a,b,c){
this.a = a;

in the same include a bunch of function prototypes are defined to add widget info to a widget:

Widget.prototype.addWidgetInfo(a,b,c){ = a; = b;

there are also a number of functions that support a document.ready(){ } block in the end of the file.

in the body of the page, for each widget outputted a line of js is outputted as well calling this prototype function

Widgets[id] = new Widget();

When document ready calls however

Widgets[id].info is an empty array....

I can't figure out why on earth this data is not available! please help

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There are a few errors in the example given. I'm not sure if they are your problem, or just a problem in your example:

  • addWidgetInfo isn't being declared correctly. Should be:

    Widget.prototype.addWidgetInfo = function(a,b,c){
  • isn't initialized. Should be

    Widget.prototype.addWidgetInfo = function(a,b,c){ = {}; = a;
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yeah good point it is my example. i didnt put everything in there =/ – qodeninja May 14 '10 at 20:23

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