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what algorithm good for image matching?to match different between two image

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This question is kinda vague. Could you give some more detail, like the types of images you're matching and for what purpose? –  gnovice May 14 '10 at 21:02

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Here is a good Matlab reference for some image Computer Vision algorithms in Matlab that I've found useful in the past:


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The question is a little vague, but I would say the "sum of absolute differences" (SAD) might be what you're looking for.


It's reasonably easy to understand/implement.

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There are different good methods you can search and use:

1- HOG (Histogram of oriented gradients) 2- Hamming 3- SIFT

also check this library: VLFeat

There are a number of functions in FileExchange you can download and use freely.

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One of the best computer vision techniques is to extract keypoints using SURF in the two images and then match the retrieved keypoints.


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