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I have a script where I launch with popen a shell command. The problem is that the script doesn't wait until that popen command is finished and go continues right away.

om_points = os.popen(command, "w")

How can I tell to my Python script to wait until the shell command has finished?

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Depending on how you want to work your script you have two options. If you want the commands to block and not do anything while it is executing, you can just use subprocess.call.

#start and block until done
subprocess.call([data["om_points"], ">", diz['d']+"/points.xml"])

If you want to do things while it is executing or feed things into stdin, you can use communicate after the popen call.

#start and process things, then wait
p = subprocess.Popen(([data["om_points"], ">", diz['d']+"/points.xml"])
print "Happens while running"
p.communicate() #now wait

As stated in the documentation, wait can deadlock, so communicate is advisable.

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Check out the docs on subprocess.call – thornomad May 14 '10 at 23:29

What you are looking for is the wait method.

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But if I type: om_points = os.popen(data["om_points"]+" > "+diz['d']+"/points.xml", "w").wait() I receive this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "./model_job.py", line 77, in <module> om_points = os.popen(data["om_points"]+" > "+diz['d']+"/points.xml", "w").wait() AttributeError: 'file' object has no attribute 'wait' What is the problem? Thanks again. – michele May 14 '10 at 20:24
You did not click on the link I provided. wait is a method of the subprocess class. – Olivier Verdier May 16 '10 at 18:13

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