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I'm trying to use cocoa to grab images from a webcam. I'm able to get the image in RGBA format using the QTKit and the didOutputVideoFrame delegate call, and converting the CVImageBuffer to a CIImage and then to a NSBitmapImageRep.

I know my camera grabs natively in YUV, what I want is to get the YUV data directly from the CVImageBuffer, and proccess the YUV frame before displaying it.

My question is: How can I get the YUV data from the CVImageBuffer?


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You might be able to create a CIImage from the buffer using +[CIImage imageWithCVBuffer:] and then render that CIImage into a CGBitmapContext of the desired pixel format.

Note, I have not tested this solution.

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I'll try this out... – jslap May 14 '10 at 23:56
CIImage can grab the CVBuffer directly. Doesn't even require locking the base address – Cameron Lowell Palmer Jan 11 at 14:54

I asked what I thought was a different question, but it turned out to have the same answer as this one: raw data from CVImageBuffer without rendering?

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