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This is pygame 1.9 on python 2.6..

Here is a screenshot of what is currently being drawn in my "game" to give some context. Here is the code.

It's supposed to be the moon orbiting around the earth (I'm not trying to make a real simulation or anything, I'm just using the setting to play around and learn pygame). It's 2 circles, and the moons elliptical orbit around the earth. My end game is to have the moon follow it's orbit around the earth, but I want to later use keyboard controls to adjust the shape of the moons orbit.

I really just need help with figuring out how to make the moon follow the path, I could probably figure the rest out.

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Well here is how you generate points along an ellipse:

for degree in range(360):
    x = cos(degree * 2 * pi / 360) * radius * xToYratio
    y = sin(degree * 2 * pi / 360) * radius

(x,y) will follow an ellipse centered at (0,0), with the y radius being radius and the x radius being xToYratio. In your case, you probably want degree to be related to time passing somehow.

EDIT: you can also do this:

for degree in range(360):
    x = cos(degree * 2 * pi / 360) * xRadius
    y = sin(degree * 2 * pi / 360) * yRadius

where xRadius is half of your rect's width, and yRadius is half of your rects height. Visualize it intuitively - you have a circle, and you're stretching it out (i.e. scaling it, i.e. multiplying it) so that it's as big as the rect horizontally and vertically.

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I think is generally what I need to do, but part of my problem is I'm not sure how to find the radius of the ellipse since i define the ellipse by using the Rect class (see my code). –  Danny May 15 '10 at 22:54
@Danny: i've updated the answer to fit your needs –  Claudiu Mar 7 '11 at 23:20
It would perhaps be convenient not to work in degrees... If you have many sprites and you call an update function on them all once per tick, degrees make for a very messy integration. If anyone wants I will post a version that works this way once I code it. –  someone-or-other Dec 6 at 0:51
What's the difference between degrees and something else? –  Claudiu Dec 6 at 7:10

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