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I am utilizing a version of the "Grid View" example from the Android Developers site:

And I would like to display a small text caption below each of the images.

Can someone please give an example of how this might be accomplished (i.e. what needs to be edited)?


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After looking around some more, I found a great example of exactly how to do this here:

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The link is now broken – Thierry Marianne May 20 '14 at 19:20

Instead of an ImageAdapter returning ImageViews from getView(), you would need a TylerAdapter returning a LinearLayout or RelativeLayout for each cell, with the layout containing your ImageView and TextView caption.

Here is a free excerpt from one of books that illustrates stuff like this, albeit in the context of a ListView instead of a GridView. Those are both AdapterViews, and so the techniques are nearly identical.

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Thank you, however I am afraid I am still having trouble.. The example you gave me makes sense, but they use "SetListAdapter" which allows you to pass a layout to it, but since I am trying to use gridview, I cannot seem to figure out how to accomplish the same. Are you able to illustrate it better for me by any chance? – Tyler May 17 '10 at 1:12

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