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I have a TreeView control that I have created in XAML in a WPF program

After adding a couple nodes at the root level, I have written code that loops through the tree structure like so:

        ItemCollection items = treeView1.Items;
        foreach (TreeViewItem n in items)

Once I find the place in this loop where I want to include a child node, how do I go about inserting a child?

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This is a piece of very naive code that does it, you might want to make it more defensive if you actually use it.

var items = treeView1.Items;
var item = new TreeViewItem() { Header = "Interesting" };
var subitem = new TreeViewItem() {Header = "Sub Item"};
foreach (TreeViewItem n in items)
  if (n.Header == "Interesting")
    (n as TreeViewItem).Items.Add(subitem);
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That adds an item as a child of n, it doesn't insert it after n. And (n as TreeViewItem) isn't necessary since n is declared to be a TreeViewItem. –  Jim Balter Oct 4 '14 at 2:46

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