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i am very new in cakephp.i have created a folder in app/webroot/. for image placing. eralier by default img folder cantain image. which i have used some thing like this:

   echo $html->image('foldopen.png',array('width'=>14,'height'=>'10','alt'=>'open'));

now i have created new image folder insted of img folder. how to use this. please help me .its very urgent.

Thanks Manish manish.choudhary63@gmail.com

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use a slash at the beginning of the path. For example

echo $html->image('/images/foldopen.png');

Using the slash at the start is relative to the app/webroot directory

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ok..thanks for your reply.... –  manish May 17 '10 at 4:29

I created one images folder in webroot dir. I used


in my cakephp2.1 application. this worked for me.

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Just create your folder in webroot folder (test) and use like this:

echo $this->Html->image('/test/image.jpg');
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If you want to keep your $html->image() statements short and modify the default image route you could always override the default behavior of image() by altering the config/tags.php file.

more info on changing the tag output

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or you can just change the App.imageBaseUrl in app/Config/core.php

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