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how do I order this result??

$range = 5;  // you'll be selecting around this range. 
$min = $rank - $range;
$max = $rank + $range;
$limit = 10; // max number of results you want. 

$result = mysql_query("select * from table where rank between $min and $max limit $limit");

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
   echo $row['name']."&nbsp;-&nbsp;".$row['rank']."<br>";
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please, format your code using the "101010"-Icon. –  Simon May 15 '10 at 7:57
Isn't that supposed to be ORDER BY? –  Denys S. May 15 '10 at 7:59

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Use the "order by"- clause:

mysql_query("select * from table where rank between $min and $max order by rank limit $limit");

This will order your result from little to big values. Use "order by rank desc" to order in descendent direction. (big -> little)

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thanks but how can I display search query in middle and rest is above and below example: seach is mathew and the result should be display below:- john - 26 joe - 25 stewart - 27 mathew - 25 kelly - 24 brandon -23 magy - 22 .......etc. –  mathew May 15 '10 at 8:31
Use 2 select clauses: The one looking for values between "rank - range" and "rank" and the other looking for values between "rank + 1" and "rank + range". Order the first in ascending and the second in descending order. –  Simon May 15 '10 at 8:52
OOps my bad i got the answer. actually it is more easier than that. only thing needs to do is "select * from table where rank between $min and $max order by rank desc limit $limit" thats it... –  mathew May 15 '10 at 9:19
$result = mysql_query(
    "select * from table where rank between $min and $max " . 
    "order by rank asc limit $limit"
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+1 for using . to make it readable. –  egrunin May 15 '10 at 8:01

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