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I have an entity A which HasMany entities B and entities C. All entities A, B and C have some references x,y and z which should be loaded eagerly.

I want to read from the database all entities A, and load the collections of B and C eagerly using criteria API. So far, I am able to fetch the references in 'A' eagerly. But when the collections are loaded, the references within them are lazily loaded.

Here is how I do it

            AllEntities_A =
            .SetFetchMode("x", FetchMode.Eager)
            .SetFetchMode("y", FetchMode.Eager)

The mapping of entity A using Fluent is as shown below. _B and _C are private ILists for B & C respectively in A.

        Id(c => c.SystemId);
        Version(c => c.Version);
        References(c => c.x).Cascade.All();
        References(c => c.y).Cascade.All();


I don't want to make changes to the mapping file, and would like to load the entire entity A eagerly. i.e. I should get a List of A's where there will be List of B's and C's whose reference properties will also be loaded eagerly

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You're trying to do a cartesian product here. I think NHibernate requires mapping the relations as sets instead of bags to do that, since bags allow duplicates.

Anyway, cartesian products are very inefficient. Use a multi-query or future queries instead.


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Thanks. You just confirmed what the approach I had taken. – Zuber May 17 '10 at 10:03

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