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How to convert a double into a floating-point string representation without scientific notation in C++. "Small" samples (effective numbers may be of any size, such as 1.5E200 or 1e-200) :


Thank you.

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string doubleToStr(double d)
    stringstream ss;
    ss << fixed << setprecision(400) << d;
    return ss.str();

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It looks like you can do something like:

printf("%.999f", x);

With 1e-200, you get:


You may choose to do further processing of the output (such as eliminating more digits of precision than you need).

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I need to get a little graphic here, you are going to get hurt. Converting a floating point number to its decimal representation should only ever be done to help a human look at it. After a couple of days of eyeballing numbers formatted like that, this human is going to hunt you down and beat the living crap out of you.

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