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I can look inside setup.py I suppose to see if it's a distutils package. But in the process of familiarizing myself with python package management I have noticed that there seems to be more than one way to do it. So:

How can I check an unzipped packages directory or setup.py to see how to build it?

EDIT: When I say 'build' I mean is it going to use distutils or setuptools, or distribute. I am using buildout.

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Why do you need to know? What's wrong with just running

/path/to/your/python setup.py install


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Well I'd like to use buildout. I'd like to pick a recipe based on what I need. –  chiggsy May 15 '10 at 22:10
Consider editing your question to explain what your needs/wants/likes are. "I'd like to pick a recipe based on what I need" is a bit vague. –  John Machin May 15 '10 at 22:44
Ok. There is no uninstall in python packaging at this point. I agree, if I could uninstall like I could with apt, then your solution would work, although the actual question was about finding information. Not a big deal, I can just do what I do now and look in setup.py. I was wondering if there was a different, way. –  chiggsy May 16 '10 at 16:32
Not true :) You can have a semi-manual uninstall with distutils/setuptools if you use the --record option of the install command, and you can have automated uninstall with pip or distutils2. –  Éric Araujo Jul 30 '11 at 13:19

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