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I am trying to create a website using Symfony and PostgreSQL. I cant find any documentation that shows how to do this. All the documentation assumes the backend db is mySQL.

Anyone knows how to do this?

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If you are using Doctrine, just use a dsn for pgSQL in your databases.yml, like this :


It use the PDO syntax. Check the Doctrine documentation and PDO documentation.

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Symfony uses 3rd-parties ORMs for DB communication which provide abstraction layer over RDBMS specific architecture. Basically everything you have to do is to change Doctrine's/Propel's driver name, so in /config/databaes.yml set pgsql instead of mysql and you're done.

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The full answer (took me about an hour to figure this out) is:

  1. Modify database.yml as described here (see under Propel or Doctrine)
  2. (assuming you're using the Propel ORM like I am) Modify propel.ini as shown below (undocumented AFAIK)

Look for a section in your propel.ini names ;mysql options

comment the mysql options out - otherwise the generated SQL is a mix of postgresql and mysql - which confuses the hell out of psql.

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