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I'm looking for a book or any other resource that will help me learn how to create RESTful APIs in Java. Looking on Amazon, I saw that there are several solutions for RESTful Java, but I'm looking for the one that is tailored to a novice.

Looking forward to getting your advices/opinions, thanks!

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I don't think I can point to only one resource but I would take a path (which you can customize based on your level of understanding of REST). I'm somebody who would like to get my concepts real clear first and then think about the tools to implement the concepts.

Obviously, I haven't provided a single resource, but something in the lines I've provided would serve well, IMO.

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Thank you. Though "RESTFul Java with JAX-RS" is quite old and lot of things evolved current past, gives good insight on the concepts. As explained one need to go though multiple resources to get a good understanding on REST. –  Nageswara Rao Oct 3 '13 at 5:02
This is one of the best replies I have come across!! –  Anirudh Nov 21 '13 at 12:10

I found REST in Practice to be the best book covering different styles of REST architectures. It's also far more practical in its advice than many other books (I wasn't impressed by RESTful Web Services as I think it lacks focus).

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My recommendation would be this one:

alt text

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I'd recommend this extensive NetBeans tutorial, this Sun tutorial and maybe having at look at the Restlet framework.

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I have used RESTlet in Action to learn about REST concepts. It's an early access book so only the first few chapters are currently available, but I found the writing to be very clear.

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