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I am new to this forum.

Actually I have an issue here regarding my application which is hibernate+struts based application. Recently we have decided to integrate GWT into our application. We are using gwt 1.5.3 build.

We have set up everything exactly as we find in documentation and various blogs. Yeah I am now in a very nervy state as gwt in its web- mode is treating me in a very embarassing manner. But it is compiling and working perfectly fine in its hosted-mode and everything works fine as we expected and designed. When I try to integrate GWT with our application i.e. running in tomcat (http://localhost:8080/myapps/example.do? reqCode=takeMeToGWT&userId=12&templateId=10). The gwt page is loaded partially and in the midst it throws an exception i.e. StatusCodeException. This doesn't happen when I run the gwt application in hosted-mode ( http://localhost:8888/com.myapp.gwt.MyApp/Home.html ) .

I am using Intellij Idea 8, struts 1.3 ,hibernate 3 and tomcat 5.5 .

Expecting your responses at the earliest possible time.

Thanking you B Roshnikanta Sharma broshnikanta@gmail.com

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Why did you chose to use GWT 1.5.3 over 2.0.3. When is that "recently" that you decided to integrate? I think GWT 2.0 is out for a few months now... – markovuksanovic May 15 '10 at 19:43
Do you know what code is causing the exception? If so, posting that would be helpful. If not, maybe compile with --style=pretty and try stepping through the resultant JS in Firebug. – pdbartlett May 17 '10 at 14:26

Yeah Mark !!! The thing is like this, this integrations had been done a few months but unfortunately i was not into the whole process. At that time gwt 1.5.3 was a stable release so we chose it. And the applicable was deployed and cleints started using it !!! Of late, the whole module was handed over to me and i started exploring the whole thing oever again. it's been set up to my system. SO i do not want to upgrade the jar to 2.0.

What exactly leads to this particular exception ::: StatusCodeException. It seems that there is some issues in servlet mapping or some mismatch compiled class output.

I setup my project (in Intellij Idea ) in such way that the libraries (gwt jars - advanced-components-1.4.6.jar,gwt-dev-windows.jar,gwtext.jar,gwt-user) are copied to web-inf/lib.

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Yeah I even tried debugging in the firebug but there was just javascript Alert message where in this exception has been thrown. And i also compile in --style=pretty mode. There is nothing wrong in hosted-mode but when i try running the same in web-mode, it's treating me in an embarassing pattern.

I set up the servlet mapping as discussed or mentioned in all blogs or forums.

What exactly is StatusCodeException.

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