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Is there a way to access the Project object from a NAnt extension function, as can be done from an extension task?

In this example, I want to use the BaseDirectory property inside the Bar function:

[FunctionSet("foo", "Foo")]
public class FooFunctions : FunctionSetBase
	public FooFunctions(Project project, PropertyDictionary properties)
		: base(project, properties)
		// When does this constructor gets called?

	public static string Bar(string name)
		return "Bar!"; // How to get at project.BaseDirectory?

I'm new to NAnt extensions, so I don't know if this is even a valid question or if I should approach the problem differently.

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Great question Tom. The abstract base class, FunctionSetBase, has a property called Project that you can access from the Bar function. However, I noticed that the Bar function is declared static, which is not always necessary (but not wrong).

The following should be completely legal in NAnt world:

public string Bar(string name)
    string baseDirectory = Project.BaseDirectory;
    return baseDirectory; 

Are you seeing any problems?

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That works perfectly, thanks! For anyone interested: The constructor for FooFunctions is called on each invocation of the (non-static) Bar method. – Tom Lokhorst Nov 19 '08 at 16:06

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