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How can I count only NULL values in Oracle/PLSQL?

I want to count only the null values. Is there a function that does that?

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I don't know Oracle specifally, but ANSI SQL, COUNT(rowName) does not count NULL values, but COUNT(*) does. So you can write


which counts the rows in YourTable that have YourColumn set to NULL.

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IT WORKED!!....THANK YOU SO MUCH :-) –  Dan F. May 15 '10 at 21:37

As an alternative to mdma's response. If you don't want to put a filter in the where you can

SELECT COUNT(case when xxx IS NULL THEN 1 end) cnt_xxx_null
FROM table
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The Oracle documentation states that:

All aggregate functions except COUNT(*) and GROUPING ignore nulls. You can use the NVL function in the argument to an aggregate function to substitute a value for a null.

As an example, using the scott schema:

SQL> select empno, sal, comm
  2  from emp;

     EMPNO        SAL       COMM
---------- ---------- ----------
      7369        800
      7499       1600        300
      7521       1250        500
      7566       2975
      7654       1250       1400
      7698       2850
      7782       2450
      7788       3000
      7839       5000
      7844       1500          0
      7876       1100
      7900        950
      7902       3000
      7934       1300

14 rows selected.

You can see that the Comm column has 4 known values (i.e. Not null) and 10 unknown values (i.e. Null)

As count(your_column_name) ignores nulls you need to substitute the unknown values for something you can refer to. This can be achieved using the NVL function.

SQL> select count(nvl(comm, -1)) "number of null values"
  2  from emp
  3  where nvl(comm, -1) = -1;

number of null values

I have used the value "-1" as the "alias" for my null values because I know that "-1" is not an existing value within the comm column.


Following Rob's suggestion. It is possible to remove the where clause from the above example and use the NVL2 function as shown below:

SQL> select count(nvl2(comm,null,-1)) "number of null values"
  2  from emp
  3  /

number of null values
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or simply, without a where clause: select count(nvl2(comm,null,1)) from emp –  Rob van Wijk May 17 '10 at 6:26
Thanks Rob - I did not know that. Will add to my answer. Thanks again –  Ian Carpenter May 17 '10 at 19:06

If you wants to count other values too with null then use of COALESCE function will improves execution time

Oracle Differences between NVL and Coalesce

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I might try to inverse the null, see results

 COUNT(DECODE(YourField, null, 1, null)) Nulls,
 count(*) Everything,
 COUNT(YourField) NotNulls
FROM YourTable

Everything should equal nulls + notnulls

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