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restrict special characters in my XSD validation , i am able to handle , some characters with this pattern "([a-zA-Z0-9_.' !@#$%^*()_+={}|/:;,>?/`~ ])+"

but not able to handle below :

" & ' < \ ® ™

any ideas ?

also not able to handle them with [^] pattern

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There must be a way .. let us keep it active for a while .. – InfantPro'Aravind' May 21 '10 at 15:02

You want define a type that extends string and add a restriction with a pattern Something like

<xs:element name="your_element">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
      <xs:pattern value="[a-zA-Z0-9_.' !@#$%^*()_+={}|/:;,>?/`~ ]"/>
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I think you need to use character entities. &amp; for the ampersand, for example, and &lt; for the less. XML Schema is XML, and you have to live with XML rules. Expanding your question to actually show us the schema context would help.

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ok , thnx ,i am able to handle them still no luck to allow characters ® ™ – Himanshu May 16 '10 at 7:41
You'll need to use # escape codes for these two characters, so &#x2122; for TM and &#x00ae; for (R). – David Wallace Aug 16 '12 at 3:23

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