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Would be correct the next way to implement the methods attached to an interface? (getKey, getData)

type reader interface {
    getKey(ver uint) string
    getData() string

type location struct {
    fileLocation string
    err os.Error

func (self *location) getKey(ver uint) string {...}

func (self *location) getData() string {...}

func NewReader(fileLocation string) *location {
    _location := new(location)
    _location.fileLocation = fileLocation
    return _location
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In Go you don't need to explicitly say that you are implementing an interface—if a type has everything required by an interface, it can be used via that interface. So you don't need to say reader inside the type location struct.

See here: http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html#interfaces_and_types

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Indeed, doesn't putting reader actually just add an anonymous member to the location type, taking up space to not do anything useful? –  matthias Aug 31 '12 at 17:20

You've basically done it already. As soon as you give location's getKey and getData methods valid bodies, *location will implement the reader interface. There's no need to do anything more.

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