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I have an app that uses UiWebViews, and I need to not show the keyboard for a text field within such a view. I provide my own buttons that insert the limited sorts of text the field allows, but I also need to allow pasting (I will filter what gets pasted) and adjusting the cursor position. Any way to do this?

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It looks like this can't be done, I've researched it further and that's pretty clear. I don't want to accept a wrong answer, so I figured I'd just answer this myself and say: can't be done.

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if you just want the textField do normal things except the showing keyboard action, you could subclass UITextField and overwrite the touchesBegan/Moved/Ended, just call super touchesBegan/Moved/Ended and add additional code which would hide the keyboard, if you have a reference to the keyboard ( you may figure it out urself how-to ), call the method : [keyboard resignFirstResponder], you may try to Category the UITextField class so you would have the reference to the keyboard ( if it's private ) - but not recommended because categorying may break our project design, but if you just need it for the only purpose, give it a try. Hope it helps.

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Don't think that works on a text input field on a UIWebView.... – rob May 28 '10 at 5:33

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