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I am going to go ahead and shamelessly duplicate this question because the accepted answer is essentially "nope, no guides" and it's been nearly a year now since it's been asked. Does anyone know of any useful articles, guides, tutorials, etc. for boost::fusion besides the barebones documentation on (which I'm sure is great as a reference after one has learned the library.) I'm completely open to, say, a link to a book on Amazon. Searched for it myself just now but all I came up with was green tea. The top links on Google aren't much better.

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Ugh. Still no bites... I did find some helpful examples in the <boostdir>/libs/fusion/test area though.

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This is probably a shoddy answer, but the best documentation I've seen for Boost::Fusion is in the Boost::Spirit documentation, as sparse and unhelpful as it otherwise is.

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