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I'm trying to get the text contents of a .div('.child#') child of my'h6.class'), and replace my other headers('h1.replacHeader#') using this script below...

$('h6.HeaderToBeClicked').click(function(event) { 
    var $target = $(this);
    $('.replaceHeader1').replaceWith("<h1 class='replaceHeader1'>" + $target.children(".child1").text() + "</h1>");
    $('.replaceHeader2').replaceWith("<h1 class='replaceHeader2'>" + $target.children(".child2").text() + "</h1>");


<div id="ReplaceTheseHeaders">
    <h1 class='replaceHeader1'></h1>
    <h1 class='replaceHeader2'></h1>
<div id="accordian" class="acc">
    <?php $counter = 1; ?>
    <?php foreach ($tmpl->vars as $var) { ?>
    <h6 class="HeaderToBeClicked"><a href="#">
    <div class="counter"><?php print $counter . "." ?></div>
        <div class="child1"><?php print $var['title'];?></div>
    <div class="child2"><?php print $var['name'];?></div>
<?php $counter = $counter+1; ?>
    <?php } ?>

I've noticed that .text() apparently doesn't apply to an So how could I go about achieving this?

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When the h6.class is clicked, the .replaceHeaders headers will change to that of the div.class# which is a child of the clicked h6.class – NickKampe May 16 '10 at 2:08
To better explain, I have 2 dynamic divs inside my header class, when the entire header is clicked the divs inside the clicked header should replace the headers elsewhere on the page. – NickKampe May 16 '10 at 2:10
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If $target is intended to refer to the h6.class element, then you should change this line:

var $target = $(;

to this:

var $target = $(this);

$( will actually refer to whatever descendant element was clicked. The event then bubbles up to the element that has the handler (h6.class) which is referenced with $(this).


If this is similar to your HTML, the code runs perfectly. If (for example) .child1 and .child2 are nested deeper inside h6.class, then we would need to change things up a bit.

<h6 class='class'>
    <div class='child1'>this is child 1</div>
    <div class='child2'>this is child 2</div>

<div class="replaceHeader1">header1</div>
<div class="replaceHeader2">header2</div>
<div class="replaceHeader1">header1</div>
<div class="replaceHeader2">header2</div>


Given the HTML you posted, try the code below. Please note that you don't seem to have a closing tag for your <a href="#"> element. The code below should work either way though.

$('h6.HeaderToBeClicked').click(function(event) { 
    var $target = $(this);
    $('.replaceHeader1').text( $target.find(".child1").text() );
    $('.replaceHeader2').text( $target.find(".child2").text() );

This assumes you're just change the content of your .replaceHeader elements. If you need to change the tag name as well, you'll need to go back to using replaceWith().

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Thank you I'm not too well versed in JS but that seemed to help a bit, now I'm getting [object Object] instead of an emptyset.... but now how do I get the text from the div i'm using to replace the header text? – NickKampe May 16 '10 at 2:20
well actually was getting back both empty and 'undefined' – NickKampe May 16 '10 at 2:25
You should probably post a sample of your HTML in your question. Otherwise it is just impossible to tell if you're using the correct selectors and traversal functions. – user113716 May 16 '10 at 2:26
Added the HTML for you – NickKampe May 16 '10 at 2:37
If you're just replacing the content of the replaceHeader elements, you don't need replaceWith(). I'll update my answer. – user113716 May 16 '10 at 2:40

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