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So I have the following div

<div id="object_list">

I want to append a list and items into it. So I run the following jquery


After that code runs, #object_list looks like this

<div id="object_list">
  ...list.contents() elements

Even after debugging, if I do another $("#object_list").append('<ul>'); all I get is an added <ul> after the </ul>. Why is jquery not appending to the html AFTER the list.contents(), but is going before it?

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Perhaps not as expected, but as documented. jQuery appends a complete element, not literal HTML. – harpo May 16 '10 at 2:56
Both answers worked, but could only mark one. – KallDrexx May 16 '10 at 3:09
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Append doesn't simply append tags, it actually appends elements. In your case you want to append list items to an unordered list that gets appended to your div.


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The issue is that you keep appending to "object_list" when you are meaning to append items to the list itself. (as an aside, you aren't closing your UL instantiation tag either)

Try something like this:

var $list = $("<ul></ul>");
$list.append("<li>Something 1</li>");
$list.append("<li>Something 2</li>");
$list.append("<li>Something 3</li>");

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