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I am using JQuery to insert divs into a page but i cant seem to get the quotation marks correctly setup.

For example the code below works fine:

var newDiv_1 = '<div id="event_1"><b>Hello World 01</b></div>'; 

But when i try to use variable in place of the normal text, i doesnt seem to work:

var eventname = 1;
var newDiv_1 = '<div id="event_' . eventName . '"><b>Hello World 01</b></div>';

How do i use variable inside this statement?

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either I'm unaware of javascript operators or you need to change it to + eventName + –  dotjoe May 16 '10 at 3:27
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2 Answers

Your eventName is defined as eventname:

var eventName = 1;
var newDiv_1 = '<div id="event_'+ eventName +'"><b>Hello World 01</b></div>';
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If you have security concerns with HTML string slinging, you can do this:

var newDiv_1 = $("<div><b>Hello World 01</b></div>").attr('id', 'event_' + eventName);

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