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HI, Does anyone know that how to convert IPHONE:37.615319,-122.388293 ( I am guessing that is the longitude and latitude of the location) in Twitter to real life location? Is there an API available ?

Thanks very much, Ling

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It's latitude and longitude in that order negative numbers mean south or west respectively. It looks like it's at San Francisco Airport. –  JeremyP May 17 '10 at 10:34

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If you are looking for a street address near the lat/long pair, it is called "reverse geocoding".

You may want to look at these services. http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/services.html#ReverseGeocoding http://www.geonames.org/export/reverse-geocoding.html

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Thanks very much Chetan, I really appreciate your help. I have another question: the information Iphone:37.615319,-122.388293 in the twitter, does it mean the longitude,latitude or not? how can I confirm this information? Thanks, Ling –  Ling May 16 '10 at 7:36
Yup, 37.615319,-122.388293 is long,lat. And this is the location: maps.google.com/maps?oi=map&q=37.615319,-122.388293 ;-) –  Douwe Maan May 16 '10 at 14:06
Actually it's lat,long. Latitude ranges -90...+90, longitude -180...+180. You can type "37,-122..." into maps.google.com to see where it is. –  progrmr May 16 '10 at 15:47
well, I am just afraid that it might not be the longitude/latitude that Iphone uses, do you have any Ihone docs to prove that? –  Ling May 17 '10 at 7:57
Your comment doesn't make any sense. You can see from my answer that it is just an api call, which doesn't order the arguments. –  Paul Lynch May 17 '10 at 9:24

iPhoneOS has reverse geocoding built in. See code sample below; MKPlacemark contains standard address values; see MKReverseGeocoderDelegate docs to implement the fail delegate method as well.

MKReverseGeocoder  *reverseGeocoder =
[[[MKReverseGeocoder alloc] initWithCoordinate:mapView.userLocation.location.coordinate] autorelease];
reverseGeocoder.delegate = self;
[reverseGeocoder start];


- (void)reverseGeocoder:(MKReverseGeocoder *)geocoder didFindPlacemark:(MKPlacemark *)placemark {
    NSLog(@"%@", placemark);

The argument is a coordinate, which means a CLLocationCoordinate2D structure. This is declared as:

typedef struct {
   CLLocationDegrees latitude;
   CLLocationDegrees longitude;
} CLLocationCoordinate2D;
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Hi Paul, Thanks so much for your information. –  Ling May 16 '10 at 7:41

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