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I am using EmguCV, the OpenCV wrapper for .NET. I am disposing all created objects but my app is still using more and more memory (in release configuration too). I have debugged my app using .NET Memory profiler and get this result:

all objects instance count is oscilating but GChandle instance counr is increasing until my machine is unusable. Garbage collector does not release memory (i think).

I am using VS 2008 professional, Win7 prof 32-bit, both up to date, and last stable version of emguCV.

I can post some app code, if it will help.

Thanks and sorry for my English. Martin

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OpenCV is very nasty when it comes to disposing of objects. I would say you most likely are not disposing of something that should be disposed of. Put up some code and maybe we can find your error. – ubiquibacon May 16 '10 at 23:11

Have a look at the link below on how to do Automatic Garbage Collection.
I had a similar problem and I started to improve my code using the different guidelines on the link above.

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Well it doesn't say much. Only that you either need to dispose manually(for example with using) or wait for the GC. And that Disposing is better. – CodesInChaos Feb 21 '11 at 11:26
Thanks, it is an obvious answer. Image Capture at 100ms over an hour... Thanks. – Chris Sep 5 '13 at 7:13
public static class IImageExtensions
    public static void FreeMem(this IImage image)
        using (image)
            using (image.Bitmap)

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