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How to check for a comma in a text box. I.e. if comma is present the code should alert,

<input type="text" id="name"/>


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When should the validation occur? When clicking a button? Typing? –  Kobi May 16 '10 at 12:19

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You could do like:

if ($('#name').val().indexOf(',') !== -1)
  alert('There was a comma');

As you have not specified, you could put that code in blur event, etc.

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$("#name").blur(function() { // or keyup, keydown, keypress, whatever you need
    if(this.value.indexOf(",") !== -1) {
        alert('got a comma');
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Doesn't really need jQuery (for the test). Here's a regular expression test().

if( /\,/.test( $('#name').val() ) ) {
   alert('found a comma');

A regular expression test() function returns true or false.

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And the obligatory no-jQuery solution ;)

if (document.getElementById("name").value.indexOf(",") !== -1) {
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