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I have HTML code like this


I couldn't locate the element using FireFinder by td:contains("Save")

Is FireFinder wont support the :contains or innerHTML cant be located by :contains?

Read that in Selenium too, :contains wont be supported? However, I couldn't find a documentation for that.

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That should work in Selenium, I've just tried it myself. Make sure you specify that the locator type is CSS by preceding your locator with css=. Also, the quotes shouldn't be necessary:

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I am trying that in IE7. No success yet – Rajasankar May 18 '10 at 3:54

Firefinder does not support :contains, however Firebug has another extension called FirePath. The selector type Sizzle is a javascript selector with the same syntax as CSS selectors but also supports :contains.

Also, although Firefinder does not support contains, Selenium does.

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