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I am working on an application which needs to preview privileged content in the browser. The preview should work in a way that its NOT possible to download the content. Only reading within the browser is allowed. I have looked at google docs preview but it needs the url of the docs to accessible online. I need to work with content in the intranet

The previewer should not mandate the installation of a pluggin as this would limit the access.

Any hints

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How should the browser show the preview if "its NOT possible to download the content." ?? Do you mean that the original pdf should not be downloadable? –  aioobe May 16 '10 at 17:51

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Have a look at ImageMagick. If your're using, say, php, you could do something like

exec("convert -resize 500×800 {$file}.pdf {$file}.jpg");

and then display the resulting jpg-file on a webpage.

man convert should give you some further options.

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