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I have a system for the users to be able to post comments.

The comments are grasped into a textarea.

My problem is to format the comments with br tag to replace \n

In fact, i could do something like that

s.gsub(/\n/, '<br />')

But the xss protection including in rails escapes br tags.

So i could do this

s.gsub(/\n/, '<br />').html_safe

But then, all the tags are accepted even script.... causing a big security problem

So my question is : how to format text with br safely ?


EDIT: For now, i have add this

  def sanitaze
    self.gsub(/(<.*?>)/, '')

  def nl2br
    self.sanitaze.gsub(/\n/, '<br />').html_safe
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As Ryan Bigg suggested simple_format is the best tool for the job: it's 'l safe' and much neater than other solutions.

so for @var:

<%= simple_format(@var) %>

If you need to sanitize the text to get rid of HTML tags, you should do this before passing it to simple_format


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Works like a charm, thaks a lot to you and Ryan for the suggestion! –  Ain Tohvri Dec 5 '12 at 9:19
simple_format might often be the best solution, but it puts <p> tags around and (sometimes) inside your text, so I ended up using <%= raw(h(comment.text).gsub(/\n/,"<br />\n")) %>. –  amoebe Mar 23 '13 at 14:42

The best way I can figure to go about this is using the sanitize method to strip all but the BR tag we want.

Assume that we have @var with the content "some\ntext":

Trying <%= @var.gsub(/\n/, '<br />') %> doesn't work.

Trying <%= h @var.gsub(/\n/, '<br />').html_safe %> doesn't work and is unsafe.

Trying <%= sanitize(@var.gsub(/\n/, '<br />'), :tags => %w(br) %> WORKS.

I haven't tested this very well, but it allows the BR tag to work, and replaced a dummy script alert I added with white space, so it seems to be doing its job. If anyone else has an idea or can say if this is a safe solution, please do.


Another idea suggested by Jose Valim:

<%= h(@var).gsub(/\n/, '<br />') %> Works

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Thanks for your contribution :) I gonna try this :) –  Arkan Jun 7 '10 at 9:44
Why not simple_format? –  Ryan Bigg Sep 18 '10 at 16:12
The "another idea" did what I needed. simple_format wrapped everything in a <p></p> NOTE: I needed to add .html_safe (rails 3.2) –  paulguy Mar 20 at 11:50

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