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I would like to create a new dataset where the following four conditions are all met.






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I still don't quite understand your intention. Please put some dummy data, so we can get a grip with your problem. Would you be so kind to explain what does dataset imply? A data.frame or a vector? Or something else? @Shane apparently got it, but I don't get what's the bit... –  aL3xa May 16 '10 at 22:41
It looks like you are checking for the existence of values that aren't NA. any(!is.na(UNCA[,rows])) may be clearer. –  Richie Cotton May 17 '10 at 8:53

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Then use the & operator:

UNCA.new <- UNCA[rowSums(is.na(UNCA[,11:23])) < 12 & 
                 rowSums(is.na(UNCA[,27:39])) < 12 & 
                 rowSums(is.na(UNCA[,40:52])) < 12 &  
                 rowSums(is.na(UNCA[,53:65])) < 12, ]

A single & is a vectorized function, while a double && is unary (typically used in an if statement, for instance).

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