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How do you generate a 3x3x3 lattice in Mathematica? Is it possible to color some of the lattice points? It seems that it is possible but I cannot get it to work so far

What I mean by 3x3x3 is something like figure (c) on the right:

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Are you trying to generate a lattice, or create a picture of a lattice ? – High Performance Mark May 16 '10 at 22:29

Must agree with Mark that it is not quite clear what you are asking for -- I'll assume it is the figures you are after. Even then, I can't really tell if there are any obvious generalizations from the FCC/BCC stuff.

Anyways, to just replicate the figures, create the lines and points yourself with something like

Gridlines[n_] := With[{s = Range[0, n - 1]},
  Join @@ (Flatten[#, 1] & /@ 
     NestList[Transpose[#, {3, 1, 2}] &, Outer[List, s, s, s], 2])]
LatticePoints[name_, n_] := Select[
  Tuples[Range[-n, n], 3].LatticeData[name, "Basis"],
  (And @@ ((# >= 0 && # < n) & /@ #) &)]

This works for FCC and BCC:

  {Red, Sphere[#, 0.1] & /@ LatticePoints["FaceCenteredCubic", 3]},
  }, Boxed -> False]

enter image description here

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You could also use GraphPlot3D, but you might need to use the VertexCoordinateRules option to manually control vertex layout, and others to control the appearance of the edges and vertices. – Michael Pilat May 17 '10 at 13:27

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