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I am using imagekit to handle custom size of uploaded images. While it works fine for creating custom size images with this, I'd like to use imagekit to resize the original image on upload. Is this possible?

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trying this,… –  kusut May 17 '10 at 5:21

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I believe the updated answer is ProcessedImageField.

Reference taken from @matthew.

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follow the link above.

  • Create processors as you like for original image (resize, enhance, etc). Look imagekit wiki for examples

    class ResizeOriginal(processors.Resize): 
        width = 640 
        height = 480
  • Create your ImageSpec for this original image with those previously processors. Leave pre_cache as default (false)

    class Original(ImageSpec): 
        processors = [ResizeOriginal] 
  • Add that ImageSpec to your IKoptions ImageModel preprocessor.

    preprocessor_spec = Original

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