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i have a javascript object, obj, that gets passed to an mvc action via a $.post() like so:

var obj = {
    Items: [{ Text: "", Value: { Property1: "", Property2: "" },
            { Text: "", Value: { Property1: "", Property2: "" }]
$.post('MyAction', obj, function() {});

the action signature looks like this:

public ActionResult MyAction(FormCollection collection)

i need to be able to build an object from the FormCollection, however i'm running into an issue where the keys are in the form:


i'm wondering if there's a clean way to build the desired C# object from the given FormCollection. i understand that i could change the action method signature to take in the type of object i'm interested in, but that was presenting its own issues.

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If you can change the javascript side so you're sending in a json version of the data instead, I would think you could either accept a string and do a json deserialization yourself in the controller or do a model binder to do it for you.

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thanks. as you suggested, i ended up sending a json string to the action and writing a custom model binder using for deserializing the request. – ob. May 28 '10 at 7:19

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