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I want my thread to sleep when a queue is empty and wake up only when a data is put in it. Should I use a condition object? I have never used this object before and I can't find a simple example in python.

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If the queue object in question is bound to name q, just call q.get(): it will sleep patiently as long as the queue is empty, then return the queue's first item as soon as the queue is made non-empty by another thread executing a .put(whatever) on it. While the docs may not be stellarly clear about this, that's the default behavior of .get() when you call it without any argument, and indeed the most popular way for a thread to read from a queue (which is why it was made the default in the first place;-).

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Pass block=True to Queue.get().

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could u explain plz – sia May 16 '10 at 22:37
In the thread that is supposed to sleep, call the get(block=True) method of your Queue object. Then that method will not return until it has successfully gotten an object out of the queue. – David Z May 16 '10 at 22:51

There's a nice Linux Gazette article online that has code using a condition variable you might find useful: The article covers python threading in general. Section 4.4, almost at the bottom, covers condition objects.

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