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There were two things that I want to know how to do in Emacs (23.2, *nix):

  1. Go to the first character after indentation in a line
  2. Go to the first character that's the equivalent to a given character (an equivalent to vim's fx command that goes forward until it hits the x character; maybe C-s (incremental search) is the best way to do this)

But, I think it would be better if I had a cheat sheet that listed navigational bindings. Maybe Emacs (self-documenting) can do this on it's own. Is there a list of commands that are equivalent to vim's default commands anywhere? How about a list of navigational key-bindings in Emacs?

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  1. M-m (back-to-indentation) will do this.
  2. You're right, C-s x is the way to do that.

Regarding a cheat sheet, try starting with C-h b. That will show you all the active keybindings, and you can drill down to find out what each of them does in more depth.

The ViKeys page on EmacsWiki should also be a good resource for you.

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Probably this will help you too:

vim7-emacs21-cheatsheet of freezing hell

(or others who find this question)

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This answer gives you a few alternatives for the beginning-of-non-whitespace function (with slightly different behaviours for comments and what happens if you do it twice).

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Not sure I get the obsession with making one key do eight different things. If you want to go to the beginning of the line, press C-a. If you want to go to the beginning of the text, press M-m. Easy. – jrockway May 17 '10 at 4:58

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