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I just used Eclipse 3.5 to install the Google App Engine plug in. The plug in is showed as installed in the update manager. However, I am not seeing the option to "New Web Application Project" ( I also don't see anything Google related when I type Google into the search bar under Windows > Preferences.

There were no errors at the time of installation, and I was asked if I wanted to restart Eclipse, clicked yes, and it restarted accordingly. Am I missing something?

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Do you have any message in the Errors View?
Did you reproduce the issue with a fresh installation of Eclipse?

And where is installed your eclipse (what OS are you using)?
That can be relevant, because another SO answer mentions:

I had put the Eclipse installation folder under c:\Program Files\, but when I moved it directly under c:\ instead, the plug-in installation worked just as it should.
I assume that is because Eclipse wasn't allowed to write to its own installation folder

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Sweet, I'm at work now so I'll have to try that when I get home. Thanks! –  stevebot May 17 '10 at 18:47
@stevebot: fine! Although I would not recommend copying the Eclipse installation directory directly on c:`, rather in any user directory of yours (typically c:\Users\YourName` for instance). –  VonC May 17 '10 at 18:51

solution: move the eclipse folder to X:\eclipse

I also downloaded eclipse 3.5 sp2 - Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, installed the GWT plugin, restarted eclipse as instructed and then File > New > Web Application Project menu item does not exist in the eclipse. it was in p:\eclipse-java-galileo-SR2-win32\eclipse

I moved te folder to p:\eclipse uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin now it works.

looks to me like a bug in the gwt plugin (win xp)

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Or easier:

Go to your eclipse folder > right click > uncheck to read only box.


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I'm pretty sure you're right about the problem having to do with permissions writing to the Program Files folder.

I'm on Windows 7 and had the same problem. I also installed Eclipse under the Program Files folder, and got around this issue by running Eclipse "as administrator" when installing the Google plugins. Worried that I would have similar problems installing other plugins, I moved my Eclipse installation to my C:\ directory and reinstalled the Google plugins without running as administrator. That installation went just fine.

Someone else in this thread said he had that problem on one Windows 7 computer but not another. My guess is that he installed Eclipse in the Program Files directory on his problem computer.

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