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Alright. So I was able to find out how to read from the first column but I need to read from both of them. I am using full row select which I need on there.

Here is the code I am using to get it for the first column.

Dim I As Integer
For I = 0 To ListView1.SelectedItems.Count - 1
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Tim's answer is correct this is just a variant of it:

For Each item As ListViewItem In ListView1.SelectedItems
    Debug.WriteLine("Col1 {0}, Col2 {1}", item.Text, item.SubItems(1).Text)
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The Column(s) text is located in the SubItem array of the list view item.

so you would do something like...(VB is not my 1st language so this is untested)

dim i as Integer
dim item as ListViewItem
for i = 0 to ListView1.SelectedItems.Count -1
  item = ListView1.SelectedItems(i)
  Console.WriteLine(Col1 = {0} Col2 = {1},item.SubItems(0),item.SubItems(1))

(note, usually not a good idea to pop up a messagebox in a loop)

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